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Information regardind proccesing and trading




( regarding the preparation of  documents for inspection )

The following documents must be continuously updated and maintained in the farm, and they must be checked by the inspector and the copies will be attached to the inspection report:


  • Registration form at the County Agricultural Department;
  • Copies of the authorizations issued by the national institutions - (as DSV, DADR, etc.);
  • Description of the unit, including all measures that have been taken to ensure compliance with the provisions of Reg. EC 834 / 2007 and Reg. EC 889 / 2008(e.g. reducing the risk of contamination with banned substances, by taking measures of separation in case of parallel units,etc.).
  • outline and detailed map of the unit
  • list of organic and conventional products ;
  • recipes for processing own products;
  • label model;
  • list of suppliers;
  • certificates of conformity for all suppliers of organic products;
  • direct buyers list;
  • list of subcontractors and copy of contract with them where is relevant;

·         record for inputs and outputs of organic products to / from the unit

·         documentary evidence of purchases / sales of organic products (copies of the invoices, accounting records,etc. )


Without these documents, the file can not be certified.



Processor / trader must request, prior to the transaction, the certificate of conformity  from the direct suppliers!


Operator registered in the ecological system, is required to work with partners who - in turn – are in the control system.




Information regardind proccesing and trading
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Inspectia certificarea produselor agroalimentare ecologice

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